QR100 Dual Tank

Quik Spray was recently given the task of designing a new spray unit for a local council that is extremely diligent when it comes to environmental health and safety issues for its workers, so they needed a unit that was going to work for them. This unit needs to provide superior spraying ability while also ensuring the ability to refill in remote areas, simple and clean chemical mixing, user-friendly operation and washing hands and equipment.

This custom Quik Spray unit features:

  • Twin QR100 remote control reels.
  • 400L Round tank to minimize trailer size.
  • 70L flush tank to flush and clean the main tank, allowing the use of different chemicals for different jobs in their working environment.
  • 15L hand wash station for workers to wash and clean their hands.
  • Venturi fast filler allowing the team fill up from external water supply and removing the need to return to council depot for filling throughout the day.
  • Trailer mounted unit as they needed the unit to be lower to the ground.

The council now have two of these units, with one in use for environmental services and the other is for city scapes.

We are a real engineering business providing real engineering solutions with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. We have created hundreds of units for our customers with many different wants and needs.
Custom is our standard because we are your manufacturer. Our longevity and success have stemmed from our ability to be an extension of you, the customer.

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