It’s tough. It’s robust. It’s the ultimate weed sprayer for heavy-duty tasks.

The 9TBE is our twin reel weed sprayer, which is a favourite among spray contractors, farmers and councils. Designed for heavy-duty spraying tasks, two operators can spray at the same time without interference from one another, thanks to the independent radio-controlled retraction system. You’ll cover twice as much ground, in the same amount of time.

Cut your spraying time by 50% and reduce your operating costs

It fits comfortably on a single cab ute or can also be mounted to a trailer.

Reliable performance

The mechanically-driven twin reel weed sprayer gives you supreme retraction performance to rewind 200m of hose.

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Technical Specifications

Motor: GX270 Honda OHV motor, electric key start
Available in Diesel 10HP (Suitable for mine sites)
Pump: Bertolini PA530 triple diaphragm pump (54L/min 580 psi max Working pressure 400psi/30bar)
Pressure Controller: 4 outlet pressure controller with gauge
Battery: Powerful charging of 12v battery through Honda motor
Reels and Hose: Two hose reels with up to 200m of 3/8”ID Supa-Slip® hose per reel
Framework: Tank styles available in squat or round design
Tank Style: UV stabilised tank options available in tank sizes 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 or 2000L
Accessories: T-400 spray guns (optional accessory)

If it’s the performance you’re after, then the 9TBE is the one!

Squat Tank
Round Tank
Squat Tank
Round Tank
Length (mm) 2150 2010 2150 2010 2330
Width (mm) 1310 1255 1310 1335 1400
Base Length (mm) 2070 1810 2070 1810 2150
Base Width (mm) 1180 1180 1180 1180 1180
Height (mm) 740 960 890 960 830
Dry Weight (kg) 238 238 248 248 258

Please contact the office for larger tank sizes up to 2000L