The unit handles it all with ease.

We have had our unit for 7 years in our contracting business and can’t fault it.

We cover all areas from flat country to river banks to mountain ranges and everything in between, chasing mainly lantana, cockspur to wild tobacco bush ect. The unit handles it all with ease. The first unit has done approx. 6000 hours and hasn’t missed a beat. This prompted us to purchase a second unit 12 months ago to further our business.

Matt & Kat Morgan – KM Spray Contractors, NSW

It’s very handy in steep country.

We can now cover half the country again by being able to roll it up so quickly, and it’s very handy in steeper country.  Gone are the days of hose reels with a manual handle on them – it’s so much faster and easier. Sid Frend, Member – Kings Plains Landcare Group

The Kings Plains Landcare Group were able to obtain the Quik Spray unit a number of years ago and it has seen regular use!  To have Quik Spray continue to support Landcare Groups in the way of offering repair kits for their units has been fantastic and very much appreciated.  A big thumbs up to Quik Spray!”  Anya Salmon – Landcare Coordinator at Gwymac, Inverell

Kings Plains & Gwymac Inc Landcare Groups

It has definitely made my job easier.

Chris Sharp, a contractor from Inverleigh in Victoria, says that his Quik Spray Unit is the best investment he has ever made.

“I got the unit about 12 months ago and I have not stopped since. I don’t even need to advertise” Chris says. “It’s great, for either hand-line work or boom-spraying. It is a great all in one system. It has definitely made my job easier.”

Chris Sharp – Contractor from Inverleigh, VIC

It’s amazing how much you can get done

I started a contract spraying business in 2002. After dragging heavy rubber hose about, that always seemed to short and the frustration, time and energy involved on winding them back up only for it to get snagged halfway in drove me mad. I made a 12-month plan that I would have a Quik Spray in 12 months’ time. I bought my first Quik Spray on the 03/03/03.

The first place I took it to was a blackberry spray job I had been avoiding like the plague. It was on a steep rocky outcrop with a lot of stumps and fallen timber as well. I could not believe how easily it handled the job. I am convinced these units are one of the best investments you can make.

I can spray for 8 or so hours and still have enough energy left to go and play 2 games if touch football. I have had no reason to change and am on my 3rd unit now.

I have always found the staff in spare parts very obliging and friendly and parts are sent out very quickly. I must also thank Jeremy on the technical side for his invaluable over the phone step-by-step help on the two occasions I needed it. Most of my work involves spraying blackberry, sweet briar, St. Johns wort, Bathurst burr and eucalypt regrowth. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending battle but it’s amazing just how much you can get done. It wouldn’t get done without a Quik Spray.

Jim Stevenson – Spray contractor since 2002

I’m very impressed with it, it is an excellent piece of equipment.

Received the Quik Spray unit and have gotten it going.

So far I’ve only used it for four hours but have already sprayed several hundred square meters of large blackberry bushes. The whole unit is very well designed and thought out and lets me cover a big area very efficiently. When I was looking at spray units, everyone I talked to said that Quikspray was the best, and I can see they are right!

Cheers – Richard Webb

It seems as though you are one of the few Australian companies left producing such a superior product.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the spray unit we recently purchased from Mark at Quik Spray.
I estimated in the short time we have owned the unit it has nearly paid for the original outlay. We used to engage contractors to undertake our spraying but the cost and their ability to cover the area required became prohibitive.

The area we spray is hilly and steep, the ability to park the unit on top of the hill and progressively spray to the bottom then to be assisted back up is just great.

Your company deserves a lot of credit for the quality of the product. The finish and thought has been put into the development of the 9TDE unit is admirable. It seems as though you are one of the few Australian companies left producing such a superior product.

Well done – Andrew Wight

It truly has made our job much easier.

We use the Quik Spray to treat terrestrial and aquatic weeds within urban bush land. It’s a great compact unit that fits on a small truck so we can access all types of areas!
The Quik Spray is super handy to treat aquatic weeds in wetlands when we are waist deep in water because the retractable 200 metre hoses are light and super handy when we get stuck in the mud because they help pull us out! It truly has made our job much easier.

Thanks for a great unit! – Jennifer Coleman from Dragonfly Environmental

I’m completely satisfied with the product and clients are too!

I have always recevied outstanding service from your team and had minimal downtime whenever I’ve needed parts. I’m completely satisfied with the product and clients are too! The ability to run a UTV has greatly reduced my operating costs vs. 4WD and I can work faster in remote areas.

 Andrew Lilley from FNQ Weed Services

Retractable hose & variable nozzle are the most positive aspects

Having an easily retractable hose and variable nozzle are the most positive aspects of the Quik Spray unit.
We are contractors based near Toowoomba and covering most of Queensland

Col Schiller

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