Introducing  Spray Teknix

Spray Teknix is the only solution in the Australian market that uses real sensors to detect volumetric data information for Lances, High-Pressure Reels and Boom Spraying.

Spray operators are required by state legislation to keep and maintain records of spray activities for up to 24 months, not only is Spray Teknix a new way to store records, we automate much of the process of generating the required information such as volume, weather, location and chemical information.

This volume information is matched with Chemical and Job data to identify & map exactly what herbicides were applied, when they were sprayed, where they were applied and what weather measurements were reported.

Spray Teknix also works for both large Spray Appliances and Knapsack sprayers.

Why Choose Spray Teknix

Spray Teknix™ App

The Spray Teknix™ mobile app is the first mobile app in the Australian market designed specifically for tracking chemical applications for pest species management. Not only does the app interface directly with our hardware, it provides rich management of spray job, chemical and location data for compliance with multiple state’s reporting legislation.

  • Works on both iPhone and Android mobile phones
  • Even when suffering limited connectivity in many regional areas. Spray Teknix does not reply on cellular connectivity, instead caching data within the app, uploading when a stable connection over WiFi or 4G/5G.
  • Ability to switch between diffrent spray hardware including knapsacks without having to change phones.

Spray Teknix™ Hardware

Teknix is an Australian IoT provider with in-house Electrical and Electronics engineers at the cutting edge of IoT product design for Australia. Our hardware & software are designed specifically for the Australian Spray market, with heat, dust, water and vibration resistance at the core of the product design process. Our rugged designed IP67 Rated fittings & enclosure, durable in the harshest conditions. High pressure flow meters for reliable and accurate volume.

We’ve solved the problem of limited connectivity in many regional areas. Spray Teknix does not rely on cellular connectivity, instead caching data within the iOS and Android companion app, uploading when a stable connection over WiFi or 4G/5G. Easily add-in additional weather, wind or temperature sensors to extend the capabilities of Spray Teknix. Available for integration directly into our reporting platform.

Secure, Cloud-hosted Reporting

Our talented team of in-house software engineers have designed an entirely new reporting experience for viewing and managing spray information. Get a single pane view of all spray activity with advanced mapping systems. All information is protected in the cloud with industry security best-practices, ensuring encryption on the device, in transit and at rest. Spray Teknix offers a greater understanding of all key aspects of your spraying, including chemical usage, job-by-job location, weather information and much more.


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