Solid Eco Donut Dispenser 

Foam Donuts For Fire Fighting

Introducing Solid EcoFoam, your innovative solution to efficient wetting agent use. This revolutionary product replaces traditional liquid foam drums with a compact, easy-to-use solid form, offering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness. Key Features: Space-saving convenience, long shelf life and no spillage risk.

Wetting Agent Donut For Increased Water Absorption

Introducing Solid Eco Soil Wetter: an easy-to-use, cost-effective Australian-made product designed to maximize watering efficiency for lawns, sports surfaces, and more. Unlike costly liquid alternatives, these lightweight blocks are simple to handle, store, and use, ensuring optimal water distribution wherever it’s needed. Join the watering revolution and let Solid Eco Soil Wetter make your life greener!

Detergent Donuts For General Washing

Introducing our cutting-edge Solid EcoWash: an effective, environmentally responsible solution for residential and commercial cleaning. Formulated without fluoride or hazardous chemicals, it combines unparalleled efficacy with a gentle approach, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising surfaces or occupants’ health.