Sales Record Smashed with New UTV Model

The new QR400 12Volt Electric Spray System has broken a 30-year sales record and is proving itself to be a must-have addition to fleets across the country and overseas from our international distributors in New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

So how did we get it so right? The customer asked for it.

After multiple councils, contractors and small landholders highlighted their need for a smaller, more compact unit with exceptional retraction strength, we set our Research and Development team to work. The compact base of the unit is designed specifically to suit UTV trays and will easily slot in between the wheel arches of a dual cab ute. As a result, you won’t need to have a specific spray vehicle and can even utilise your current dual cab ute!

The size was the most important factor in the development and that’s where we began – The footprint. Quik Spray engineered a unique tank shape that would accommodate not just one reel, but two because you never know when you’ll need to have two operators spraying at the same time. With a complete streamlined look, the tank has a built-in sight gauge, which gives the user easy visuals on tank levels. It takes up less room than a swag, ok, probably half the size and it has the strongest electric motor available on the market. How?  It’s a 12volt motor that we’ve beefed up with a high torque low range gear setting and a high amp rating. It’s like putting your vehicle in 4WD!

We have had plenty of feedback from our customers who are delighted with their new compact unit. The QR400 is perfect for small areas and for jobs where a heavy duty mechanical system isn’t required.

To place your order, call us today! 1800 645 688. Not ready to buy? Check out our events page to trial it at your nearest Field Day!