Introducing the Enhanced Quik Reel!

The Quik Reel features stainless-steel construction and boasts an adjustable friction brake, it can effortlessly switch between left or right-hand operation.

It is a versatile ‘reel only’ remote controlled retractable hose reel, that easily attaches to your existing spray equipment. An ideal replacement for your existing manual reel, to upgrade to a powered one. You’ll benefit from increased productivity and reduced fatigue while spraying, as you’ll no longer have to wind in the hose.

With the smallest footprint in the Quik Spray® range, the Quik Reel is designed for use on UTV and ATV’s, or any spray system that has limited space.

The remote control enables the operator to cover twice as much area, in the same amount of time.*12-volt motors are not recommended to assist the operator up hills.

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Technical Specifications

Motor: Clutch Driven by 12 Volt, 90 Degree, 60 Rpm, 13 Nm, 150-watt, 1.50 Ratio Motor
Radio: 915 Mhz Remote control radio gear to rewind the hose via a hand-held transmitter
Hose: Up to 100m of Supa-slip® 3/8” ID Hose Capacity
Hose Guide: Optional top or bottom feed from two separate Hose Guide Roller Systems
Framework: 304 grade Stainless Streel
Features: Quik Release Hose to Reel Drum Fitting | On/off/momentary On Manual Switch At Reel To Rewind the Hose
Electrical Features: 30Amp Fuse Anderson Plug and 4meter Heavy Duty Wiring Loom
Warranty: 12 Month Warranty on Reel
5 Year Warranty on Radio Receiver
Optional Accessories: Turbo-400 Spray Applicator

We’ve made the reel smaller, so you don’t have to compromise on performance!

Quik Reel(No Swivel) Quik Reel(With Reel Swivel)
Length (mm) 700 700
Width (mm) 290 325
Height (mm) 590 590
Dry Weight (kg) 29 29


Each Quik Spray is built to order, so you can customise your unit to the way you spray!