Quik Spray Lasts the Test of Time

Don Roderick recently called into the Quik Spray office to pay a visit and repair his remote control for the first time in over 20 years!! Yes, that’s right- no repairs for over 20 years! After owning his Quik Spray system since 1995 with no troubles at all, he was thrilled to tell us how successful and consistent his spray system had been.

“It’s still working and this is the first time it’s been repaired. It’s never had anything go wrong with it. It still has the original motor which has never been touched. It even still has its original hose!” Mr. Roderick said.

Running a family property of 1000 acres, a quarry and a successful earth-moving business on Maleny-Kenilworth Road has been no easy feat for Don. The undulating, steep terrain has certainly been a challenge, with Don noticing that the hills are getting steeper and steeper every year. The Quik Spray system has been ideal for his property. “There are a lot of weeds between here and there” pointing out the boundary line bordered by the Conondale Ranges.

After hearing about a neighbour purchasing one of the first Quik Spray’s in the area at Belthorpe, Mr. Roderick said “we saw how good his one was and we bought one straight away. This was the biggest one we could get at the time, so we took the 9HP motor”.

With the strong pressure and remote controlled retractable hose reels, the Quik Spray has saved him time and drastically reducing his fatigue levels while spraying, eliminating the need to manually rewind the hose. “I did one season without the automatic rewind and that was a nightmare!” said Don.

“Ever since we bought the unit brand new it was bolted on to this 1976 International and it’s never been off!” The spray-dedicated vehicle has been used primarily to scale the steep, rough terrain around the vast property. The seats and interior were stripped out and plastic chairs used so Don could stand up in it to spray. “If I stopped spraying, the weeds would take the whole farm off me” Don said as he pointed out the lantana, wild raspberries and devils fig that had previously been sprayed.

Not only has the Quik Spray system proven its worth in the battle against weeds, but it’s also come in handy for controlled burns during fire season. Don was so thrilled with the high-pressure performance of the spray unit that he even uses it to degrease his work trucks, simply by filling the tank with water and increasing the pressure.

“Everything still works and it’s certainly proved its worth over the years,” Don says with a chuckle.