Effective Mosquito Management

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Councils around Brisbane manage more than 20,000 hectares of saltmarsh mosquito breeding area, covering over 2500 known freshwater mosquito-breeding sites across the region. Council entomologists collaborate with researchers and other agencies to ensure they are using the best technology available to limit mosquito breeding, in and around Brisbane. The large, coastal saltmarsh mosquito breeding habitats are treated by helicopter and ground support by ATV and ute-based teams

Moreton Bay Regional Council collaborated with Quik Spray to develop a customised spray system, designed to treat potential mosquito breeding locations and is a valuable resource for mosquito management from a ground-level. These sites are inspected regularly using:

  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) teams
  • Utility vehicles
  • On foot

Equipped with a 500L water tank with a second 100L tank with an anti-backflow device, the unit is designed to be user-friendly and practical for operators out in the field. It allows the operator to carry two different mixes for different applications. The key feature and ultimate time-saver are the 2x 12-volt remote-controlled reels. Operators no longer need to roll up hoses. This reduces fatigue and saves time for the operator by retracting the hoses with the push of a button. This is particularly handy in and around obstacles such as trees and difficult terrain.

Quik Spray has been providing customised, engineered-for-purpose spray systems for council and spray contractors since 1988. Customisation is critical for operators as it reflects the specific needs of their work environment and is the backbone of their daily tasks.


We systematically look at the tasks your operators perform and design our equipment around those needs to increase safety and productivity, all while minimising risk. Our drive and engineering capability are fuelled by our passion to make your everyday work practises easier and safer, with our industry-leading equipment. That’s why we are still the most trusted sprayer in Australia. It’s not just a product. It’s a journey. A solution. A life-long guarantee that we’ll support you.

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Website: Brisbane city council