Designed to fit between the wheel arches of a dual-cab vehicle, our range gives you the versatility to spray with your current dual cab vehicle

Available in single reel (5SCE) or twin reel (5TCE) configurations, the remote-controlled reel retraction will save you time and effort by rewinding the hose for you, with the simple press of a button on a hand-held transmitter. It’s as easy as that! The rewind action on our Dual Cab unit is powerful enough to assist the operator back up steep slopes, where required. This is a great advantage when you need to scale down steep gullies to reach weed infestations. We all know that weeds grow in the most difficult locations!

Weed spraying has never been easier, using your Dual Cab ute!

Unlike conventional 12volt systems, Quik Spray units are mechanically driven reels, so you will never burn out the motor. It features a remotely mounted control panel with push-button motor start, so you can start work quickly without delay.

Complete with stainless steel reels, the aluminium framework has built-in forklift pockets for easy access to remove the unit from your vehicle.

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Technical Specifications

Motor: GX160 Honda OHV motor, electric key start
Pump: Bertolini PA430 triple diaphragm pump (40L/min 580 psi max Working pressure 400psi/30bar)
Pressure Controller: Karin 2 outlet pressure controller with gauge
Power Source: Powerful charging of 12v battery through unique 10A output Honda motor
Reels and Hose: Two stainless steel hose reels with up to 100m of 3/8”ID Supa-Slip® hose per reel
Framework: Aluminium base frame and stainless steel reels and chain guards. Forklift slots built into frame
Tank Style: Specialised square tank to fit wheel arches
Tank Size: UV stabilised tank options available in tank sizes of 300L and 500L
Accessories: T400 spray guns (optional accessory)
5SCE 300L
5SCE 500L
5TCE 300L Twin 5TCE 500L Twin
Length (mm) 1130 1450 1130 1450
Width (mm) 1300 1300 1300 1300
Height (mm) 672 672 672 672
Weight (kg) 160 175 205 220