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Vehicle Mounted Operations:

The UTV & QR Range units have been designed to meet the operational requirements of a variety of customer applications, including fixed ground mounted positioning and vehicle mounted operations.

Regarding vehicle mounted operations: The UTV & QR Range units have been designed to fit within the “tub” of most motor vehicle “dual-cab” 2×4 and 4×4 vehicles and many UTV’s currently available.

In every instance the maximum weight of the UTV & QR Range units and the amount of water put into the tank must be considered for ALL vehicle mounted operations.Factors to consider when using the UTV & QR Range units in vehicle mounted operations should include, but are not limited to:

  1. The maximum cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle.
  2. The type of terrain the vehicle is to be operated on – particularly slope, surface slip and potential bogging.
  3. The experience of the operator in relevant vehicle operating terrain.

The amount of water put into the tank of the UTV & QR Range units should take into account at least the above factors.

  • Never exceed the vehicle manufacturers recommended maximum load.
  • Never operate the vehicle where operational conditions are considered hazardous.
  • Never allow inexperienced operators to operate the vehicle.

The UTV & QR Range units will operate according to specification regardless of the amount of water in the tank – which is determined by the factors previously stated.