Custom FTB Compact System for SEQ Water

SEQ are a long-standing customer that we have built many units for over the years. They have several FTB units in their fleet.
SEQ had some requests on custom solutions they required for the unit to suit their specific needs. We collaborated and consulted with them and adapted their unit as requested.

  • Customised frame to shorten overall length so FTB unit would fit on their vehicles
  • Protective stainless-steel cover mounted over controls and water inlets to protect them from trees and bushes when driving in rural areas
  • Customised ladder system to reduce space being taken up in the locker with previous removable ladder

The advisor from SEQ water with whom we collaborated with on the unit was so pleased with the results.

“The customer service from Quik Spray has been a positive experience for this build compared to our previous build. The most positive part of the build for me was being involved in trying to improve the rear ladder design, and this was with the Quik Spray team.”

Quik Spray have continued discussion with SEQ Water on this unit and are open to feedback and new ideas from them to make further improvements based on the their needs.

We are a real engineering business providing real engineering solutions with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. We have created hundreds of units for our customers with many different wants and needs.

Custom is our standard because we are your manufacturer. Our longevity and success have stemmed from our ability to be an extension of you, the customer.

2 thoughts on “Custom FTB Compact System for SEQ Water

  1. Andrew Lane says:

    Hi I have a ranger excatly the same as seqwater was wondering the dimensions of the set up
    Tank size
    Please thanks

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