Weed spraying is tough.
So, we revolutionised the way Australian’s spray.

Quik Spray® is a premium manufacturer of heavy duty herbicide application units. We are the most popular vegetation management control system used for Class 1 noxious weed infestations in Australia.

The Answer – Quik Spray®

A remote-controlled retractable hose reel spraying system designed for heavy use in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. In the mid-1980’s the first prototypes were built and after rigorous testing in the field, were released into the market. We have been manufacturing the world’s first remote controlled retractable hose reel system since 1988.

30 years’ experience

Over three decades, our range has been refined to suit many different types of applications and vehicles and can be custom designed for the end user. This has resulted in our reputation as the No.1 hose reel spraying systems on the market today.


Green and gold approved

There isn’t a better name for small engines, then Honda. That’s why we’ve partnered with Honda for over 30 years to match our machines with the best motors in the business.

The Honda motors pack a punch and are designed to work hard from day one, so we’ve made sure it’s the right Honda engine for each Quik Spray® model. We use genuine parts only.


High quality pumps are essential for our systems, so we chose the best. 20 years of partnership with Bertolini Pumps has allowed us to use some of the highest quality pumps on the market.

This guarantees optimum performance from your spray unit – the first time, every time.


When it comes to quality, we don’t cut corners. Our equipment is all Australian made, right here in Coolum Beach, QLD.

The framework is designed to withstand harsh treatment for heavy-duty spraying applications in the roughest, hottest, driest locations on earth. The heavy-duty pressed steel reels have rounded edges for a bullet-proof and operator-friendly design.


Radio Remote Technology

Our Quik Spray® units are radio controlled by a hand-held transmitter. Our advanced radio technology gives you superior, independent radio range, without interference between operators. Comes with 5-year full comprehensive warranty on the RCM module (radio transmitters and radio control box).

Quality, performance, reliability and service since 1988