4000L Custom Boom Spray Slip On Unit

Quik Spray was recently given the task of designing a 4000L custom boom spray slip on unit to be supplied to a Victorian council. This multipurpose unit was designed for weed control and watering trees at the botanical gardens.

Custom unit features:

  • 4000L Tank
  • High Pressure with low pressure conversion for boom spraying
  • Low pressure pump for water transfer and water hose
  • Drain kit from sump
  • Tank Site Gauge
  • Tank Agitators x 2
  • Venturi Fast Fill for Chemical transfer to Tank
  • Floating filter and 7m suction hose
  • Air Gap Hydrant Fill
  • 50L hand wash tank
  • Tiny Tacho hour reader
  • ARAG controller
  • Boomless Jet
  • FR256 hose reel for wash down
  • Container ­­­­locking pins
  • Forklift Pockets                                                                 

The boom sprayer is installed for spraying weed control over large areas. The 50L hand wash tank is fitted so workers can wash their hands while on the job. Most importantly the unit complies with all statutory legislation and transport regulations.

We are a real engineering business providing real engineering solutions with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. We have created hundreds of units for our customers with many different wants and needs.

Custom is our standard because we are your manufacturer. Our longevity and success have stemmed from our ability to be an extension of you, the customer.

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