Adapt your spray system and add in a remote-controlled hose reel!

The 12VS model is a versatile ‘reel only’ radio remote controlled retractable unit that easily attaches to your existing spray equipment. An ideal replacement for your existing manual reel, to upgrade to a powered one.

Double Your Productivity, without any extra effort

The reel accommodates up to 150m of Supa-Slip® hose. Powered by a 12-volt high power, low rev motor, the 12VS Quik Spray reel can be used for horticultural and weed spraying activities.

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Technical Specifications

Motor: 12 volt 1/3 HP high-power low-rev motor
Power Source: 4m twin core flex with clamp set to fit your vehicle 12V battery
Reels and hose: Stand-alone hose reel with up to 150m of 3/8”ID Supa-Slip® hose 1000psi BP
Framework: Easy bolt-down points with resilient powder-coated framework
Override: Manual override button for powered retraction, without the remote control
Roller Head: Hose feed in and out at 180° allows for one-person operation, from any angle
Swivel: High-pressure ball bearing style stainless steel swivel
Accessories: T400 spray guns (optional accessory)

Wanting to upgrade from a manual reel to a powered one? The 12VS is the one for you!

Length (mm) 905  718
Width (mm) 391  378
Height (mm) 745
Dry Weight (kg) 51